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Looking Forward to 2018 Season!



As the winter storms roll by, the Humpbacks are cruising back and forth past Campbell River and our tour vessel is tucked away for the winter getting even more upgrades!! Welcome to winter at CRWBE!

Would like to thank all our guests and our new tour partner Pacific Pro Dive/Big Animal Encounters for an awesome 2017 season. We are going to be staying in our current location at 1003 Island Highway and come Spring once you see the BANNERS up on the building you will know we are operating!! Our BW Guardian tour vessel will be getting some fresh upgrades for the 2018 season and I am looking forward to getting her back in the water in the new year!

We have lowered our Half Day Excursion rate to 149 pp AD and 119 pp CH this season as well due to its popularity and comments from my guests. We appreciate any feedback good or bad and try to take everything into consideration, my guests are my number one priority!

This season we did a lot more Humpback Whale viewing then is normal for us. AT POINTS there were as many as 25- 30 animals within a 15-20 mile area which for us is amazing. Lots of new animals and a couple new calfs as well. The Northern Resident Orca viewing was down for the local area, with the Biggs or Transient Killer Whales taking over and filling the gaps for us! We love our Transient Orca!! And a few later season visits from the Southern Resident Killer Whale population as well…..looking for the late season Chum run that is up this way at that time. Pacific Whitesided Dolphins were in abundance, Dalls Porpoise late August, and the Stellar Sea Lions stayed in the local area all season this year which is a change.

Spring Grizzly Bear Viewing was amazing and we hope to see that continue  into 2018.  We had seen a few sow and cub sets in our local area and are hoping they all make the winter with enough in their bellies to survive. Black Bear viewing was fantastic all season this year. With the typical luls during the hotter season.

Everyone have a wonderful Holiday Season with Family and Friends and remember, Gift Certificates for 2018 make fantastic Stocking Stuffers!!