Whale Watching with Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions

Orca WhaleTransient or Bigg’s (mammal hunting) Orcas or Killer Whales are the main focus of our Whale Watching adventures. We also focus on Northern Resident Orcas (Fish Eaters) in season usually July to October. Humpback Whales have been moving into the area over the past 10 years and have also become a staple of our Whale Watching Excursions. Pacific Whitesided Dolphins now arrive in mega pods early in the season. They use the mainland inlets for calving and stay all season in search of food, they are breathtaking to behold! On the way, we may also encounter Dall’s and Harbour Porpoise, Harbor Seals and the large Stellar or Northern Sealion in season (Jan-June/Sept on). Keep your camera ready for the breaching Orca or perhaps the majestic Bald Eagle swooping down for dinner! Also see Black and Cinnamon Bears as they forage along the shore lines on the low tides, searching for their next meal.

Our whale watching adventures begin from Campbell River. We will put you in a Transport Canada Certified survival suit for safety, comfort and warmth. Dress for the weather and closed toed shoes accordingly. Trip[s will run in the rain, I have Ski Goggles and warm gear to provide. You are not as prone to sea sickness on the inside waters of the East Coast of Vancouver Island like you are on the West or South Coast. Your comfort and safety is our biggest concern.

Orca Whale Pod

The full day excursion is 6-8 hours and half day is 4-5 hours. We look for a 100% success rate in our whale watching and sometimes this can mean some travelling! Other times the whales are right in front of the marina as we leave!

Light Lunch is included!

Step aboard for your adventure of a lifetime!